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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Celebrating With The Gavinos

It was just pure delight for hubby and I to be invited to celebrate Lola Miling's 93rd birthday at Modern China Restaurant in Glorietta 4. I was just so thrilled to introduce Edison to our small clan and it touched me how warm they were in welcoming my husband to the family. The apple of everyone's eye (other than the birthday celebrant, of course) was Taryn, cousin Melody's daughter and lola's first great grandchild. It has been years since I saw Melody herself, and seeing her along with the rest of my cousins made me reminisce the happy weekends we as kids would spend at Lola's place just watching movies, playing video games, or enjoying Lola's famous chicken soup.

The star of the day, our 93-year old lola is ever her jovial self to see people gathered together although she seemed not quite aware it was her birthday we were celebrating. It's quite sad to see her not remember some stuff anymore (like me and my sister's name). But other than that, I find her still sharp compared to other people her age. And despite not remembering my name, familiarity strikes when she looks at me and studies my face...and then that big smile again as if a chord struck in her memory box. We are also thankful that despite being forgetful, she is in tip-top shape, as in no asthma recurrences for almost a decade and normal blood chemstry results. Seeing her hearty appetite too ( and that's without dentures) during this occasion has left us impressed with how a super-lola she can be!

This last layout I made I entered in Timi's challenge and won a RAK in the random draw! Days have passed into weeks and into months since my hubby and I had a place of our own. Just cannot help but truly miss my sister since the two of us have been inseparable so it seemed before. Even at work, both of us were like a team during our EAMC and LPDH days. People around us would coin us as "The Dancing Pedrosa Sisters", and we would perform anywhere where there are parties - from Las Pinas to Bulacan. My only wish for her is that she follows her own road to happiness the way I followed mine. She deserves only the best in life, as someone with a caring and loving heart would truly deserve. I love you, my dear little sister!

(Credits: OUR SMALL CLAN - Fei Fei Stuff Crazy Beauty papers, N. Noriell swirl ribbons; ALIVE & KICKING - Pimp Your Scrapbook Summer Girls alphas, Lil Missie Jessica Splendor Pop quickpage, Retrodiva Tweet Tweet alphas, AWP Rustic Walk elements; MY SIS I MISS - Sun Happy Place papers, Ramik frame, I. Riordan Funky floral elements, Shabby Princess Harvest Spice journal strip, Candy Jar Chaos Longue elements, AWP Citrus Berry elements, Angela Sharrow Jurassic Art fiber, Shabby Princess Festival alphas)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Look

It has been a long time since I last sported a short hair. I remember the days when Demi Moore came up with short hair back in the "Ghost" days. I opted for a less drastic move though and made it not that short but enough to make my hubby smile at my new look. This was just done out on a whim while I was strolling at the 5th level of The Block. Someone from Mary Pauline Salon literally dragged me inside for a haircut. Just took it as a sign that it was indeed probably time for a new look since I entered this new phase of my life a.k.a. "preggy-hood". It turned out just okay, though not as comparable probably to what my favorite hairdresser Richard could whip up with his magic wand/scissors.

(Credits: Christines Designs Flutter quickpage; Sya's Blueprints Sprinkled alphas)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RAK giveaway from Sarah

Attention friends! Sarah is giving away a RAK so better head on to her blog at for the details. Bless her generous heart! Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Double Celebration

My first attempt to make a double page LO. I just cannot figure out how to align them together bummer! The pics I chose here were taken when my sis and I were godmothers to Vangie's so adorable twins. Her hubby (whose name I cant remember, may he forgive me!) is of European descent. They are just perfect together because both are professional dancers. Vangie, who has been my dad's dance instructress for years, is well-known in the ballroom competition scene. It is during one of the competitions where she met her hubby who was adjudicator. Eversince then, they were inseparable. Now they are blessed with two boys who is a joy to everyone after the ordeal they went through at the NICU for being born 2 months earlier than expected. Welcome boys to the Christian world!

(Credits: DJE Starburst papers, Jasmin Olya stitches, Elizabeth Quintana Scrapalinquent Beautiful Mess journal, Anemona Classico swirls, Shabby Princesscom Festival alphas)

Monday, November 10, 2008

One Weekend in Tagaytay

For another relaxing weekend, hubby and I decided to visit Tagaytay one rainy day just by bus and tricycle/jeep har har har! We stopped by at Taal Vista and had lunch buffet there. The food they serve there was delicious and filling, the staff were very warm and friendly (I particularly like the chef there who was an Obama deadringer I swear!), and the weekend entertainment proved quite a delight with a variety of folk dances I'm pretty sure would be a hit with the tourists and locals.

(Credits: AB Brackets bragbook, Lorie M Designs word art, ALP SCP paper, C. Schultz Cinnamon Swirl alphas, Nani Brilliants)

Since it rained a little hard, the oh-so-cool Tagaytay climate transformed us into our goofy selves, and we just started striking crazy poses for the camera. But of course the best part was the cuddling time to keep ourselves warm while viewing Taal Volcano from where we stood. It was such a romantic afternoon. I never knew love can feel this high!
(Credits: Shabby Princess Moody Blues alphas, Perscale A Ray of Hope elements, Amelie Scrap Essentials papers, CJS Fun frame, Bea Couteur de L'inde Couture stitch, EBDG PJ stitch, Jhosford All My Hearts Ample elements)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cherry's Journey

This layout has been long overdue since Cherry and Camie settled down a few months ago already. Just couldn't resist the urge to create this for Cherry as she looks so princess-like in her wedding attire. Seen along with her proud mom and dad, she projects the aura of someone totally in love and ready to embark on a lifetime journey with Camie. Wishing always the best for them both, especially to Cherry--someone who embodies beauty inside and out.
(Credits: Dragess quickpage, EM Glass Hearts elements, MZP Friendship element)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Turning Japanese

Everywhere we go, I find it amusing how a lot of people would mistake my hubby as Japanese....that is until he speaks fluent Tagalog. And they will become more impressed thinking, "whoooaah! a Tagalog-speaking Japanese...coolness!" But in reality my better half is Chinese born in Manila and migrated to America. Now, he considers himself more of American than anything else. The values he has imbibed are purely Westernized now that at times we find it hard to see eye to eye. But as much as we disagree on some things, our love and respect for each other enables us to meet halfway. After giving birth, I will be moving with him to Los Angeles, and the thought of it just makes me anxious thinking of the culture shock I will be faced with. But my love knows I will find the whole experience an eye-opening transformation. As long as he is by my side, I know I will welcome my whole new life with open arms.
(Credits: Frene Alexeva Sushi Bar elements, MMD Bamboo papers, Doucer Renivrante by Petit Moineux, Black Glitter Glue alphas, Amelie Scrap Designs Essential elements)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Doctor Love

When I caught my hubby fooling around with my blazer, I felt I just had to capture the moment and make a layout. He really looked like a real doctor wearing my gown (hmmm well except maybe for the shades..hehehe). Just couldn't ask for anything more married to my 24/7 doctor. Just always there to shower me with lots of love and affection---an overdose of kisspirins and yakapsuls! He can sense my aches and pains by just one look, and immediately he would come up with the remedy I need! Love you so much Doc Edison! ;)

(Credits: KB journal frame stack, Sal Get Well elements, Joyce Paul Just To Say paper, DS bonus cardboard edge, Gretchen Tripp Birthday Bash ribbon)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

On This Day

On this very special day, as I look into the eyes of my beloved Edison, I just cannot help but shed tears of joy. My voice quivers as i recite to him the promise of my everlasting love and devotion. I tremble and feel overwhelmed with happiness as I hear him boldly recite his promise of forever to me. Right there and then, I have never felt so lucky to have someone whose love for me overfloweth. Despite the odds that incessantly pass our way, our love for each other just shines through. Both of us have given up a lot for each other, and I firmly believe that the future can only be bright and beautiful for us. As the days go by, I can only feel our love growing more and more. Knowing that he is always there by my side, through thick and thin, gives me a feeling of happiness and contentment. Knowing that he is mine for keeps is the greatest gift of all.

(Credits: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD - Summer Driggs Moments papers, April Cotton Valentine polaroid frame, Mysticato datebits strip, FeiFei stuff pin, Scrapbook Factory Deluxe elements; FOREVER - Thora HOH quickpage, Digi Lover's Addiction word art)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coffee Lovers

Since my honey came back from LA, both of us have been constantly hanging around The Block. Three main reasons why he loves it there so much? -- 1) the mall is freezing cold which makes him quite comfy and helps alleviate the heat rash; 2) the "happy hour" coffee at Gloria Jean's and the free wifi that comes along with it; and 3) the pleasure of the company of our barista friends (Vangie, Fabrice, Maco, and Ian.) Edison loves coffee so much that his morning is not complete without it. He will just have it black and can gulp as much as 3 or more tall cups a day! Being a coffee lover myself, I'm not really that particular with the coffee I'm drinking. Frankly, I'm quite happy with the 3-in-1 we have at home. But to my honey, he speaks of coffee like a poet reciting his poetry with much passion and enthusiasm. He will take your mind to new heights and depths --- and he is just talking about coffee! What a cool guy! :)
Miss Vangie, the Head Barista at Gloria Jean's is one great woman! We instantly had a connection knowing we are both Paulinians. Other than that, astrologically speaking, we are both Earth signs which makes us grounded and realistic (much to the dismay of our guys!) Every time Edison and I would drop by, we would always be welcomed by our barista friends with their warm smiles and greetings. Vangie had been constantly there to see Edison and I fall more and more in love each day, and even during our "down" moments she was there to silently offer comfort and assurance that everything will be okay. On our part, we are just thrilled seeing her bloom in love as the months pass by. Who would imagine a love story can unfold in a coffee shop?! Ours did! :)

Fabrice, on the other hand, is one dynamic guy! I find his sense of humor quite loaded with caffeine hehehe! Aside from that, the multiple talents this guy possesses (singing, dancing, acting) makes me wonder why he got into this job in the first place. He will be missed though as he has moved on to greener pastures. These guys really have lots of potential!
(Credits: COFFEE BOYZ - Scrappy Cats Eggplant papers, KEKA Isabella alphas; SIS BY HEART - SIC elements, AWP Citrus Berry papers and alphas, Scrapbook Factory Deluxe elements; BLAZING BARISTAS - Little Mrs Liz Designs' Hold It Together quickpage)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sweetest Escape

Finally, the moment both of us have been waiting for - a chance to get away from it all and reward ourselves with a much-deserved R&R. Our Baguio adventure turned out into a little "mis"adventure of sorts - boarding the wrong bus and booking a semi-rundown hotel. But these didn't seem to matter much at all. All I know was I was with my Edison, my knight in shining armor. I knew fully well everything will turn out just fine. It has been years for both of us since we last visited the summer capital and were quite surprised to see lots of changes. Mines View Park still holds a breathtaking view of the neighboring valleys and mountains. An additional delight to the shoppers are the numerous "tiangges". The imposing Mansion is still a favorite picture-taking spot. Other places we went to were Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, Bell Temple, and lots more. Though the sights were already familiar, everything seemed new and different seeing them once more with my honey. Walking with him side by side, hand in hand, I just cant help but feel such immeasurable joy. With him, my eyes open up to all the beauty surrounding us. Indeed, at this point in time, I felt we had our little piece of heaven.

(Credits: NBK Froggy papers, Jeanette Bollinger Papillon stitches, Wimpy Chompers She's Beautiful Girly accents, Rlynn Falidays journaling, Shabby Princess SM Word element, Val B Old alphas)

My honey just manages to surprise and amaze me always with his infectatious glee. So many people just warm up to him in an instant - people of all ages and at any given time and situation. What kind of magic could my dashing debonair hold up in his sleeve that makes him so endearing to everyone! Truly, at the sight of his ever-smiling face and joyous demeanor, the people around can sense goodness and sincerity of heart -- and I tell you, they become hooked! I am always just so proud of him. He constantly teaches and encourages me to be the best I can be - to grab the reigns, to overcome my fears, to throw away my anxeities. Beside him, I feel brave and strong, and that the world is full of infinite possibilities that are up for grabs. Thank you, my love, for always inspiring me!

(Credits: Pirocha Amazing Dream papers, KSKD Rebecca Start elements, AWP Springtime photo corners, Miss Aunt Painted Season elements, RMG Grungetta Revisited elements, RPENN Express Yourself alphas, Mandarin AAC wordart)

Of course, our vacation comes with meeting new acquaintances. We met up with Elizabeth, my honey's best friend sa internet chat scene. We "eyeballed" at Don Henrico's over scrumptious buffalo wings, pizza, and pasta and instantly had a connection. Zabeth is prim and proper, very petite, and utterly pleasant and charming. She glows and beams with pride upon talking about her children and the man she loves. In a way, she reminds me of my mom at how she cares for and looks over her kids. She is one cool woman! Though our encounter was only brief, I am looking forward to the next opportunity of meeting up with her again.

(Credits: Unique Spring Out Loud quickpage, Pixie Queen Pure Love & Happiness elements)

Can someone please tell me if really being with your sweetheart all day gives you gas? LOLZ. I swear each and every time, he manages to come up with something fresh and original to make me smile or belt up with uncontrollable laughter! His sense of humor is just so captivating. There are times I would feel guilty for making him sad during my grumpy moments, because I know he doesn't deserve that at all. Here is a list of some of the things he does that make me flash my smile:

1. when he imitates my grumpy face by askewing his pointy lips on one side

2. when he eats voraciously his favorite dishes at Gerry's Grille, Mann Hann, Yoshinoya, Kamay Kainan, Congo Grille, Aristocrat, Dencio's (we just love to eat!)

3. when he encourages me to rub rub rub his tummy

4. when he acts and dances crazy in public

5. when he exagerrates his Californian twang

6. when he falls asleep on my shoulder while watching a movie and snores (i love this!)

7. when he hugs me tight and whispers "I love you"

8. when our gazes lock and he smiles reassuringly at me.

There are lots more but then the list would go on and on. He says he will never get tired of making me smile, and that all of his sweet and funny ways will never cease until we grow old. I believe him. He says that my eyes and my smile are beautiful. As the song goes, "If you say my eyes are beautiful, it's because they're looking at you."

(Credits: MCO Hullaballoo papers, DMK Scrapkit HD elements, AWP Citrus Berry buttons, Pretty in Pink kit, AWP Chloe elements, WG Into The Mystic element)

Receiving flowers from my honey is such a delightful surprise! Holding it and just looking at how tender and sweet the red rose buds look symbolizes our deep love and respect for each other. Like these flowers, our love needs to be constantly tended for it to weather the storms and make it blossom to its full beauty. In the two months since he came back from the States, both of us felt sure that everything will soon be in its proper place. Yet, the trials keep on knocking on our door only to challenge us once more. And though the ultimate moment we have been waiting for isn't yet to come, we hold onto one another and pray that very soon, everything that we long and desire for will eventually happen.

(Credits: Three quickpage, MS Felt alphas, Titch Taba alpha)

For now, we just settle for the contentment of how truly happy we are being together wherever we are - be it in Baguio or Tagaytay, in the malls, inside the movie theatre, or in just one private corner at Gloria Jean's at The Block sipping our brewed coffee and planning for our future. Back then, I thought I was happy just being alone and going about my daily work grind. I know now that my true happiness is in being with my soulmate Edison, the one who completes and complements my entirety. The feeling is inexplicable - an admixture of exhilirating emotions that cannot be measured but can only be shared to the people around us. We are like a walking billboard for true happiness! Spread the love - that is what living and loving is all about.

(Credits: Ateets Sun Porch papers, Val Js Chipboard elements, Edeline word stripes)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet and Bittersweet

In less than 3 months' time I was back in the arms of my honey! Love as sweet as this cannot top anything else. My heart pounds and my whole being trembles just by his mere presence. His tight hugs and soft voice always reassure me that everything will be just fine despite the "bittersweet" moments. If only time would stand still so that I would be forever gazing at his calm and sweet face, forever wrapped in this magical world the two of us exist in. Indeed, even the greatest of loves are tested through life's obstacles. My only prayer is that we will be armed with patience, understanding, and perseverance to see our love through.

My love never fails to shower my loved ones with the same affection he gives to me. And though this can be received differently, he is still steadfast and sincere with his intentions. It was a happy moment for me seeing us together at a family reunion held at Dampa Macapagal - my honey along with my dad, mom, sis, friends, and the rest of the Pedrosa clan. I was so proud of him that day as he warmed his way to the other people. For sure, this is the start of good things to come, as he inches his way closer and closer to our family.

His love for me is unquestionably so true! To give up what he had going abroad just to be with me is a feat that only the brave dare tread. Indeed when love strikes us, there are no second thoughts as to the steps one would take just to be with the love of your life. Giving up his stable, sane life in LA just to be here in this jungle (in the peak of summer! lolz) is really no joke. And it's something that I dont take for granted (though I may not be too showy about it) ;) In the coming months, I feel that our love will continually be tested. But I know deep in my heart that despite the obstacles we encounter, our love will pass the test of time. I just love him so much - with all my heart!

(Credits: REUNITED: Nuit Dorce quickpage, M. Soblitz Make Your Own alphas; CLOSER & CLOSER: LLC My Guy Stickit quickpage; JUST CHILLING: Kid Couture quickpage, Jean alphas, FR Little Miss Moon Trombone elements, Flergs VC Sampler elements)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trip to The Ark and The Ocean

A few months ago, my sis and I decided to go on an animal trip, like checking out Ark of Avalon and going to The Ocean Park soft opening. It was our first time in the Ark, and we earlier had some misgivings going there due to an aired complaint by a parent whose child was said to be bitten by the albino snake. My sis felt a little daring and wanted to see the snake herself up close and personal. It was really a cool thing seeing the snake nestled on her back while holding both ends with her hands. Way to go sis! This sort of encouraged me to take pictures with the falcon using special thick gloves so that its claws wont injure my arm. Geez it was heavy, but it felt great! There is also an area on the 2nd floor where the kids for sure will have a great time feeding the bunnies and the rest of the animals. As for Ocean Park, there are still areas under construction and we sorta felt "bitin" and that it wasnt worth the entrance fee. Nevertheless, we still were in awe with the vast variety of aquatic animals that we just took pics like crazy - only to be scolded by the staff for forgetting to turn off the camera flash ehehehe. In general, the park looks promising, and we definitely wont have second thoughts going back there again to see the rest of it in its completion.

(Credits: A TASTE OF THE OCEAN: Onder Water papers and elements, Scrapdoll elements, Redju bow freebie, Instrose Scrapsational elements, NBK Chocolate frames; ENTER THE ARK: NBK Fake Fur quickpage, Cheetah alphas, MJV Forever Memories alphas; ALL THE BIRDS: Summer Driggs Moments paper, Shabby Princess fibers, A. Heimann bracket, Limerick Chrome alphas; LOST IN THE OCEAN: Salget Well papers, SBS AML papers, Mhulshoff overlay; UNDER THE SEA: Aquarium quickpage by Moune, Famaure Cashimire frame, Fraisinette Heureux button)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Andrew's Day

This guy, Andrew aka Andres aka Eks, has been our family friend for years na, spanning for more than a decade. He has been Mom's ever loyal friend/dance instructor since he was 18! They have been seen strutting their stuff at Harmony, Black Betty, Bike's, and Miss O. And on his 32nd birthday last March, we just couldnt resist celebrating it. The place he suggested was at the Macapagal Dampa just opposite mom's favorite WangWang tiangge shops. It was our first time to be there, and we found this dampa a cut above the rest among the ones we have previously gone to. All the seafood you can imagine! Dad was in fish-heaven as these are his main staples (along with fruits and veggies) rather than chicken, pork, or beef. Mom, however, went crab-crazy and for a few hours forgot about her pending blood chemistry examination. With the numerous restaurants around, each and every one's gustatory cravings are surely to be satisfied. The lunch we ordered seemed fit to feed more than a dozen peeps, but we were only just 5 haha! so you can imagine the look of surprise (and envy) on the peeps at nearby tables hungrily waiting for their orders ahihihi. Just cant wait to take my honey and my friends here!

(Credits: DANCING V-DAY AWAY: EBDG Clearing Skies paper, ZicZac Desirena fibers, K. Schmidt Mini Heartthrob elements, Jeanette Bollinger Papillon stitches, MCA painted frame, Lovely Pink alphas by Choukette; DANCE PARTNERS: SKD Rose Cottage quickpage, R. Tin Designs paper, Storybook Romance alphas, Fashion Colors gold elements; BIRTHDAY WISHES: Souffle quickpage, Cottage Arts Hope Ornate word art, Famaura Cashimire flower elements, NBV Vintage Gerbera elements; FILLED TO THE BRIM: Cmentz paper, Lisa West Megakit papers, Cottage Arts Scrap Edge Swirl white overlay, Country Chic journal; 2 OF A KIND: FR L'etang de Jade frame, Chaos Lounge doodle, V. Lim One Reason paper, Lazy Kitty elements, SP Com Festival alphas)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tagged by Alby

This is my take on Alby's 5-4-3-2-1-Zero layout which she posted about a month ago. My inspiration here is no other than the love of my life, Edison and the tie I gave him on Valentine's day. To be honest, what do I know about guy's ties, LOLZ! It is sort of a challenge to think up what to give your man, so I just went along with my instincts and bought this nice-looking tie which seemed to elegantly lie in its sturdy wooden box in one corner at Rustan's Department Store. It just warms my heart to hear him so happy upon receiving it! He tells me that the blue and yellow colors are just right for his suit, and that they somehow resemble "gold bars" which to him would imply luck in fortune. I do hope it would bring him a lot of luck! :) A few more days now and I will soon be seeing him again. I am just thrilled at the thought of us being reunited once more, and this time being together for keeps! I love you so much Edison!

(Credits: Digitreats Jump ABC Grungy Solids paper, CMS Painted Doodles, Norcutt elements, K. Agard blue chipboard symbol)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Benign Days at VFP-OPC Lab

Most days at VFP-OPC laboratory are said to be benign, but I guess nothing can top this! So what better way to make the most out of this than to ...... convert the facility into a beauty parlor hahaha! Most willing subject was our dear Nancy who wanted to tame her wavy hair with the "plantsa" under the expertise of our resident beauticians led by Myra and assisted by Jing Jing. So the makeover took only a few minutes which yielded good results based on the look of satisfaction by our "only" customer. Pero may pahabol pang next customer though... si Aaron, Jing's super cute son! :)

(Credits: BENIGN: lifted from Random Thoughts LO of Danielle Titus using I. Riordan Funky Floral papers, K. Lewis flutter tape, Tickled silver swirl, Aby flow stitch; GOING STRAIGHT: lifted from Self-Portrait LO of Holly McCraig using Pillowgirl My Blue Heart papers, Fraisinette Heureux elements, SPCom journal elements; NEXT CUSTOMER: Elembas Dove quickpage, Aqua Appeal elements)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Missing My Honey

In the nearly 2 months my honey has been away, the days just rolled on seemingly incomplete and mundane despite being swamped with duties at work and errands to run. Not a day, or minute (or millisecond even) passes by without me thinking of him. My thoughts would often drift back to that magical day at Coffee Bean and the sweet days that followed. Sometimes I would chide myself for being dazed, as if daydreaming and walking on air most of the time, even in the middle of a meeting. haha! Can you blame me? Im in 37! tee hee hee. Talk about late bloomers!

My honey has made himself busy as a bee though, travelling from one place to another but never ever failing to bridge the distance through whatever medium you can imagine - internet, mobile phone, landline - even the courier! Those are the moments which I always look forward to every single day - seeing his cute face with his sweet smile on the webcam, or just hearing his cheerful and reassuring voice on the phone. One moment he is in Hawaii spending precious time with his best buddies, his precious boys Graham and Jonson; another minute he is in Seattle with his sweet and charming mom and his sister; and also meeting up with friends in between stops; AND still gathering enough energy to attend to work. Wow! Where does he get his energy?! He is just like the Energizer Bunny! :)

Viewing all the pics he has sent me has filled me with an aching longing. Oh how my heart desires to be with him each and every day. All i know deep in my heart is that one day that time will come when everything will happen the way things are meant to be. Indeed, the future looks bright!

(Credits: Spring Breeze paper by Andrea Dickinson, Karen Lewis "Breathe" Collection paper, Hooked on Books paper by Mikkel Paige, Elisa's Bite "Oceanic Sentinence" paper, Bows Boucles by Redju Designs, Busy Bee MTD quickpage)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

To My Pisces Man

This poem which I got from a post online is lovingly dedicated to my Pisces man, Edison. I love you so much, my HoneyBee!
My dear and wise old soul,
Fate has united us once again.
I try to deny our purpose here,
And what I see in your eyes.
Maybe I was sent to reveal to you
The inquisitive open mind you possess.
Perhaps you came to teach me how
I need to live more in the moment
And let tomorrow matter less.
Do I really have to tell you?...
That sensitive side,
You know,
The one you try to hide.
I'm afraid, I suspect
Has long ago guessed
The secret yearning of my higher self,
The one where I wished desperately
To be able to show
My deep-running feelings
To the unfeeling world
My logical and rational mind
Is telling me
Through the mutual smile we share,
Life had already taken a new twist
Long before we began to care.
I am puzzled by your tortured depths
Yet I linger at the edge of interest
I admire your bold advances
yet my Leo-ness couldn't stand your flirty nature
I revel in our brief contact
Yet I miss the solid moments of past we don't share
I feel myself comparing your every aspect to others
Measuring our long-term potential
Though I know it's not fair
Still, I'll let this path take me where it will
Not fighting fated currents, simply letting pleasure flow.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


February for me back then was just like any other month, a time in between festive months of December/January and the spiritual Holy Week months. But by some twist of fate, February of this year turned out to be so magical.....why so? I was struck by Cupid's arrow! and oh what a joy it is to fall in love with someone whom you feel you have known all your life despite the distance and time. Meeting Edison again after 10 years has brought joy so overwhelming that there's not enough words to exactly describe it. He has swept me off my feet....I am so in love with him!
(Credits: SE Weekend Freebie papers, ALP Fanciful Fun elements)

I had mixed feelings upon meeting Edison again after so many years. Feelings of excitement to see him again and feelings of anxiety of him seeing me and how i have changed through the years. Meeting place was at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Gateway one Friday after work. When he showed up, I felt so ecstatic! He gave me a warm and tight hug, the kind that I so have longed for, and it just felt like I was warped into another dimension, but more so, it felt like i was home. It was like we were the only people in the cafe as we did a lot of catching up with me sipping my favorite Chai Tea Latte and him with his brewed coffee. The time seemed to pass by so fast and we just felt it was never enough. Deep in my heart and soul, I wish this could go on forever....being together, talking about stuff, even not talking at all and just gazing at one another, sharing our joys and sorrows, talking about tomorrow and how beautiful life can be. Oh such sweet bliss to be with the one you love!

(Credits: Venezia Scrap & Smile with Eugenia Stupak, Violine Design July, SC Dolce torn papers, Ateets Sunporch papers)

The next chapter of our love story has yet to unfold. For now, life continues to be sweet and blissful! I have never felt so truly blessed with a love to call my own, and everyday i am just so thankful for this gift. Edison, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to that special day!

(Credits: Phillsboo Latte Kisses QP, Jayden's Mom elements)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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10 years ago: I attended my very first eyeball where i met my love, Edison.

Things on my to-do list today:
1. work at LPDH
2. drop by Apollo lab
3. read slides at Clinica Caritas
4. report at BPH
5. pass by PKDF
6. type reports
7. chat with Edison (save the best for last!) :)

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: would donate a portion to charity, would place a portion for time deposit, and will use MOST to travel around the world with my loved ones!

3 of my bad habits:
1. i worry a lot even if there's nothing to worry about
2. i embrace total chaos for some time
3. i sleep a lot during the day

3 places I have lived:
1. Las Pinas City
2. Sta. Catalina Ladies Dorm
3. Cubao,QC

5 jobs that I have had:
1. Medical Technologist
2. General Practitioner
3. Pathologist
4. Medical transcriptionist
5. Amateur fortune teller (HAHA!)

5 Things people don't know about me:
1. I love to play Percussion Master at Timezone
2. Im a frustrated stage actress
3. I can wiggle both my ears voluntarily
4. Im addicted to sweets!
5. I play classical music (piano)

Not tagging anyone at the moment.

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(I used my middle name GAVINO)

G - Good-natured most of the time.

A - Antukin! lolz

V - Voluminous in size hahaha!

I - Ice cream lover! yeah Haagen Dahz!

N - Nibbler of junk food!

O - Oprah wannabe! :)

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Geez Louise!

Mhay and her precious miracle! It really is amazing how motherhood can add a special glow to one's persona, how it can inspire someone to achieve the seemingly unachievable.
(Credits: Aby Designs Flower Fantasy; Between The Days by Pride Flower's Kit)

As for Aldrin, taking care of baby while mom is at work can prove quite a workout! Louise is one lucky baby to be wrapped around everyone's love and care. Will u just gaze at that look of satisfaction! :)
(Credits: All For Love Design Jade papers; {Jen}spiration alphas by Vicki Stegall)

I totally love this pic of her dreaming of something really nice. Her aunt Jovie and young naughty uncles just couldnt resist the urge to dress her up and take pics of her wearing glasses while sleeping.
(Credits: Be Audacious Designs Round N' Round)

One Friday, Jovie, our chief med tech at Veterans Outpatient Center showed me pics of her niece -- my future inaanak, Louise. What can I say! She is just soooooooo cute like her mom, her tita, and of course her future ninang hahaha! Gabrielle Louise is said to be her name on the birth certificate, Louise to the Mendez family, and for me personally, Gabi! Jovie was quite the ever doting auntie, so proud of her niece that it seemed the memory of her celphone is near full capacity from seemingly endless pics of her pamangkin. Grabbed a few pics and made special LOs for them which i do hope they'll like.
(Credits: Shabby Princess Into The Groove QP)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gamers Event!

Around 2 weeks ago, my sis and I were accidentally in a gaming event at SM Mall of Asia. It was the launch of the newest Level Up game, Lineage II. To be honest, i have no idea what it was all about - the only PC games i am familiar with are Jewel Quest II, Bejeweled, and Text Twist hehehe. I just went along with my hyped up sis who is a true blue gamer since the pre-Atari days. We just glided along the booths not bothering to line up for the freebies, checked out the Razer accessories for sale (which is #1 on my sister's wish list then), took pictures with the Cosplayers, and then watched the gamers totally into their thing! Then 2 days after, we were at Trinoma for the Philippine Online Gamers Summit which is a bigger event. I was like asking myself "what the hell am i doing here?!?!" LOLZ. But it was kinda fun observing the people (mostly guys!) around us. I even bumped into a surgeon friend of mine who was as hooked to this gaming thing as the rest. Oh well after being saturated the whole afternoon from seeing Ragnarok, War Rock, and Lineage, I still settled for my tournament mode Jewel Quest II at the end of the day! :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Reminiscing Christmas with Lola

My fondest memories as a kid were the weekends we spent at Lola's which is a few houses away from ours in Las Pinas City. Sundays, my sis and i would look forward to taste lola's home-cooked meals and super delicious chicken soup! But as the years rolled on, our family relocated to Quezon City near the place where my sis and i trained for our future work. and Sundays were replaced with trips to the crowded malls where we gobbled processed food and replaced meaningful conversations with trips to the movie theater to find temporary solace with fictional characters. Oh how we missed lola so much! She turned 92 last September 6, and though Lolo beat her to the Better Place earlier, she is still happy to be with her 3 children - my kikay mom (71), my prim and proper Tita Ellie (61), and my goofy-techie Tito Ed (51).

*For this LO i used Jessica D's Shiver papers and elements.

It has always been girl power in our small family! The only guys are my dad and my 2 uncles. I have 3 other cousins from my mother's side who are likewise femmes! sa father's side -- guess what? he is an only child! hehehe. i guess for all of us gals, the ultimate role model is our Lola, who despite being weak at her age, still possesses that back made of steel - ever persevering despite life's challenges and can always manage to smile radiantly even though the world seems cruel and tough.
* For this LO i used NBK christmas papers and April Cotton's My Xmas Glass Brads.

Another addition to the girl power in the family is Lola's ever patient and dedicated caregiver, Prima. I would say that Prima is heaven-sent! Quite a lot had given up taking care of my Lola, but this petite young woman managed to warm her way into Lola's cold exterior. Our family is just so lucky to have her.
*This LO is a quick page from Flerg's Deacon's Closet Kit.

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