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Sunday, March 16, 2008

To My Pisces Man

This poem which I got from a post online is lovingly dedicated to my Pisces man, Edison. I love you so much, my HoneyBee!
My dear and wise old soul,
Fate has united us once again.
I try to deny our purpose here,
And what I see in your eyes.
Maybe I was sent to reveal to you
The inquisitive open mind you possess.
Perhaps you came to teach me how
I need to live more in the moment
And let tomorrow matter less.
Do I really have to tell you?...
That sensitive side,
You know,
The one you try to hide.
I'm afraid, I suspect
Has long ago guessed
The secret yearning of my higher self,
The one where I wished desperately
To be able to show
My deep-running feelings
To the unfeeling world
My logical and rational mind
Is telling me
Through the mutual smile we share,
Life had already taken a new twist
Long before we began to care.
I am puzzled by your tortured depths
Yet I linger at the edge of interest
I admire your bold advances
yet my Leo-ness couldn't stand your flirty nature
I revel in our brief contact
Yet I miss the solid moments of past we don't share
I feel myself comparing your every aspect to others
Measuring our long-term potential
Though I know it's not fair
Still, I'll let this path take me where it will
Not fighting fated currents, simply letting pleasure flow.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


February for me back then was just like any other month, a time in between festive months of December/January and the spiritual Holy Week months. But by some twist of fate, February of this year turned out to be so magical.....why so? I was struck by Cupid's arrow! and oh what a joy it is to fall in love with someone whom you feel you have known all your life despite the distance and time. Meeting Edison again after 10 years has brought joy so overwhelming that there's not enough words to exactly describe it. He has swept me off my feet....I am so in love with him!
(Credits: SE Weekend Freebie papers, ALP Fanciful Fun elements)

I had mixed feelings upon meeting Edison again after so many years. Feelings of excitement to see him again and feelings of anxiety of him seeing me and how i have changed through the years. Meeting place was at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Gateway one Friday after work. When he showed up, I felt so ecstatic! He gave me a warm and tight hug, the kind that I so have longed for, and it just felt like I was warped into another dimension, but more so, it felt like i was home. It was like we were the only people in the cafe as we did a lot of catching up with me sipping my favorite Chai Tea Latte and him with his brewed coffee. The time seemed to pass by so fast and we just felt it was never enough. Deep in my heart and soul, I wish this could go on forever....being together, talking about stuff, even not talking at all and just gazing at one another, sharing our joys and sorrows, talking about tomorrow and how beautiful life can be. Oh such sweet bliss to be with the one you love!

(Credits: Venezia Scrap & Smile with Eugenia Stupak, Violine Design July, SC Dolce torn papers, Ateets Sunporch papers)

The next chapter of our love story has yet to unfold. For now, life continues to be sweet and blissful! I have never felt so truly blessed with a love to call my own, and everyday i am just so thankful for this gift. Edison, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to that special day!

(Credits: Phillsboo Latte Kisses QP, Jayden's Mom elements)

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