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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RAK giveaway from Sarah

Attention friends! Sarah is giving away a RAK so better head on to her blog at for the details. Bless her generous heart! Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Double Celebration

My first attempt to make a double page LO. I just cannot figure out how to align them together bummer! The pics I chose here were taken when my sis and I were godmothers to Vangie's so adorable twins. Her hubby (whose name I cant remember, may he forgive me!) is of European descent. They are just perfect together because both are professional dancers. Vangie, who has been my dad's dance instructress for years, is well-known in the ballroom competition scene. It is during one of the competitions where she met her hubby who was adjudicator. Eversince then, they were inseparable. Now they are blessed with two boys who is a joy to everyone after the ordeal they went through at the NICU for being born 2 months earlier than expected. Welcome boys to the Christian world!

(Credits: DJE Starburst papers, Jasmin Olya stitches, Elizabeth Quintana Scrapalinquent Beautiful Mess journal, Anemona Classico swirls, Shabby Princesscom Festival alphas)

Monday, November 10, 2008

One Weekend in Tagaytay

For another relaxing weekend, hubby and I decided to visit Tagaytay one rainy day just by bus and tricycle/jeep har har har! We stopped by at Taal Vista and had lunch buffet there. The food they serve there was delicious and filling, the staff were very warm and friendly (I particularly like the chef there who was an Obama deadringer I swear!), and the weekend entertainment proved quite a delight with a variety of folk dances I'm pretty sure would be a hit with the tourists and locals.

(Credits: AB Brackets bragbook, Lorie M Designs word art, ALP SCP paper, C. Schultz Cinnamon Swirl alphas, Nani Brilliants)

Since it rained a little hard, the oh-so-cool Tagaytay climate transformed us into our goofy selves, and we just started striking crazy poses for the camera. But of course the best part was the cuddling time to keep ourselves warm while viewing Taal Volcano from where we stood. It was such a romantic afternoon. I never knew love can feel this high!
(Credits: Shabby Princess Moody Blues alphas, Perscale A Ray of Hope elements, Amelie Scrap Essentials papers, CJS Fun frame, Bea Couteur de L'inde Couture stitch, EBDG PJ stitch, Jhosford All My Hearts Ample elements)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cherry's Journey

This layout has been long overdue since Cherry and Camie settled down a few months ago already. Just couldn't resist the urge to create this for Cherry as she looks so princess-like in her wedding attire. Seen along with her proud mom and dad, she projects the aura of someone totally in love and ready to embark on a lifetime journey with Camie. Wishing always the best for them both, especially to Cherry--someone who embodies beauty inside and out.
(Credits: Dragess quickpage, EM Glass Hearts elements, MZP Friendship element)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Turning Japanese

Everywhere we go, I find it amusing how a lot of people would mistake my hubby as Japanese....that is until he speaks fluent Tagalog. And they will become more impressed thinking, "whoooaah! a Tagalog-speaking Japanese...coolness!" But in reality my better half is Chinese born in Manila and migrated to America. Now, he considers himself more of American than anything else. The values he has imbibed are purely Westernized now that at times we find it hard to see eye to eye. But as much as we disagree on some things, our love and respect for each other enables us to meet halfway. After giving birth, I will be moving with him to Los Angeles, and the thought of it just makes me anxious thinking of the culture shock I will be faced with. But my love knows I will find the whole experience an eye-opening transformation. As long as he is by my side, I know I will welcome my whole new life with open arms.
(Credits: Frene Alexeva Sushi Bar elements, MMD Bamboo papers, Doucer Renivrante by Petit Moineux, Black Glitter Glue alphas, Amelie Scrap Designs Essential elements)

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