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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Last Time I Saw Amy

It was 2 years ago, my birthday lunch treat at Dad's Glorietta. The whole VFP-Lab gang was there (Kuya Ronnie, Nancy, Jovie, Myra, Malou). It was sort of a double celebration, with me celebrating my 30+th year (lolz) and a farewell celebration naman for Amelita. Oh well, despite the overflowing food, the lively kumbacheros roaming tables, and the festive atmosphere, nimbus clouds linger over us. I am surely going to miss Amy! There were days at EAMC when we sort of didn't get along or our ideas didn't jive, but hey people are really different, right? It is this very difference that makes each one of us unique. I guess what mattered most was that despite the difference, we still found ways to be comfortable with one another. And those are the times that i will truly cherish. Wishing one day to see Amy again!

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