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Sunday, March 16, 2008

To My Pisces Man

This poem which I got from a post online is lovingly dedicated to my Pisces man, Edison. I love you so much, my HoneyBee!
My dear and wise old soul,
Fate has united us once again.
I try to deny our purpose here,
And what I see in your eyes.
Maybe I was sent to reveal to you
The inquisitive open mind you possess.
Perhaps you came to teach me how
I need to live more in the moment
And let tomorrow matter less.
Do I really have to tell you?...
That sensitive side,
You know,
The one you try to hide.
I'm afraid, I suspect
Has long ago guessed
The secret yearning of my higher self,
The one where I wished desperately
To be able to show
My deep-running feelings
To the unfeeling world
My logical and rational mind
Is telling me
Through the mutual smile we share,
Life had already taken a new twist
Long before we began to care.
I am puzzled by your tortured depths
Yet I linger at the edge of interest
I admire your bold advances
yet my Leo-ness couldn't stand your flirty nature
I revel in our brief contact
Yet I miss the solid moments of past we don't share
I feel myself comparing your every aspect to others
Measuring our long-term potential
Though I know it's not fair
Still, I'll let this path take me where it will
Not fighting fated currents, simply letting pleasure flow.

Hear Me Out