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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Housekeeping at Columns

My first few attempts at digi scrapping! i owe this inspiration to Khei after checking out her blog and viewing her great digi LOs. its really fun doing these, though i have to admit it doesnt have the "wow" effect compared to what others have done hehehe! its less messy, less prone to errors, and most of all....LESS EXPENSIVE! ahihihi. but of course will still pursue traditional scrapping..nothing can beat that!

Christmas 2007 at Bulacan Provincial Hospital

I really love Christmas parties, but 2 parties in one night (one in Bulacan and the other in Paranaque) is enough to stress me out. I told myself that just after our dance number, i will just rush to the south in time for another night of partying. But after seeing the prizes at stake for the raffle draw, I was just unable to drag my butt out. Too bad i only won a can of fruit cocktail hahaha!

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