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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trip to The Ark and The Ocean

A few months ago, my sis and I decided to go on an animal trip, like checking out Ark of Avalon and going to The Ocean Park soft opening. It was our first time in the Ark, and we earlier had some misgivings going there due to an aired complaint by a parent whose child was said to be bitten by the albino snake. My sis felt a little daring and wanted to see the snake herself up close and personal. It was really a cool thing seeing the snake nestled on her back while holding both ends with her hands. Way to go sis! This sort of encouraged me to take pictures with the falcon using special thick gloves so that its claws wont injure my arm. Geez it was heavy, but it felt great! There is also an area on the 2nd floor where the kids for sure will have a great time feeding the bunnies and the rest of the animals. As for Ocean Park, there are still areas under construction and we sorta felt "bitin" and that it wasnt worth the entrance fee. Nevertheless, we still were in awe with the vast variety of aquatic animals that we just took pics like crazy - only to be scolded by the staff for forgetting to turn off the camera flash ehehehe. In general, the park looks promising, and we definitely wont have second thoughts going back there again to see the rest of it in its completion.

(Credits: A TASTE OF THE OCEAN: Onder Water papers and elements, Scrapdoll elements, Redju bow freebie, Instrose Scrapsational elements, NBK Chocolate frames; ENTER THE ARK: NBK Fake Fur quickpage, Cheetah alphas, MJV Forever Memories alphas; ALL THE BIRDS: Summer Driggs Moments paper, Shabby Princess fibers, A. Heimann bracket, Limerick Chrome alphas; LOST IN THE OCEAN: Salget Well papers, SBS AML papers, Mhulshoff overlay; UNDER THE SEA: Aquarium quickpage by Moune, Famaure Cashimire frame, Fraisinette Heureux button)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Andrew's Day

This guy, Andrew aka Andres aka Eks, has been our family friend for years na, spanning for more than a decade. He has been Mom's ever loyal friend/dance instructor since he was 18! They have been seen strutting their stuff at Harmony, Black Betty, Bike's, and Miss O. And on his 32nd birthday last March, we just couldnt resist celebrating it. The place he suggested was at the Macapagal Dampa just opposite mom's favorite WangWang tiangge shops. It was our first time to be there, and we found this dampa a cut above the rest among the ones we have previously gone to. All the seafood you can imagine! Dad was in fish-heaven as these are his main staples (along with fruits and veggies) rather than chicken, pork, or beef. Mom, however, went crab-crazy and for a few hours forgot about her pending blood chemistry examination. With the numerous restaurants around, each and every one's gustatory cravings are surely to be satisfied. The lunch we ordered seemed fit to feed more than a dozen peeps, but we were only just 5 haha! so you can imagine the look of surprise (and envy) on the peeps at nearby tables hungrily waiting for their orders ahihihi. Just cant wait to take my honey and my friends here!

(Credits: DANCING V-DAY AWAY: EBDG Clearing Skies paper, ZicZac Desirena fibers, K. Schmidt Mini Heartthrob elements, Jeanette Bollinger Papillon stitches, MCA painted frame, Lovely Pink alphas by Choukette; DANCE PARTNERS: SKD Rose Cottage quickpage, R. Tin Designs paper, Storybook Romance alphas, Fashion Colors gold elements; BIRTHDAY WISHES: Souffle quickpage, Cottage Arts Hope Ornate word art, Famaura Cashimire flower elements, NBV Vintage Gerbera elements; FILLED TO THE BRIM: Cmentz paper, Lisa West Megakit papers, Cottage Arts Scrap Edge Swirl white overlay, Country Chic journal; 2 OF A KIND: FR L'etang de Jade frame, Chaos Lounge doodle, V. Lim One Reason paper, Lazy Kitty elements, SP Com Festival alphas)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tagged by Alby

This is my take on Alby's 5-4-3-2-1-Zero layout which she posted about a month ago. My inspiration here is no other than the love of my life, Edison and the tie I gave him on Valentine's day. To be honest, what do I know about guy's ties, LOLZ! It is sort of a challenge to think up what to give your man, so I just went along with my instincts and bought this nice-looking tie which seemed to elegantly lie in its sturdy wooden box in one corner at Rustan's Department Store. It just warms my heart to hear him so happy upon receiving it! He tells me that the blue and yellow colors are just right for his suit, and that they somehow resemble "gold bars" which to him would imply luck in fortune. I do hope it would bring him a lot of luck! :) A few more days now and I will soon be seeing him again. I am just thrilled at the thought of us being reunited once more, and this time being together for keeps! I love you so much Edison!

(Credits: Digitreats Jump ABC Grungy Solids paper, CMS Painted Doodles, Norcutt elements, K. Agard blue chipboard symbol)

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