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Thursday, September 11, 2008

On This Day

On this very special day, as I look into the eyes of my beloved Edison, I just cannot help but shed tears of joy. My voice quivers as i recite to him the promise of my everlasting love and devotion. I tremble and feel overwhelmed with happiness as I hear him boldly recite his promise of forever to me. Right there and then, I have never felt so lucky to have someone whose love for me overfloweth. Despite the odds that incessantly pass our way, our love for each other just shines through. Both of us have given up a lot for each other, and I firmly believe that the future can only be bright and beautiful for us. As the days go by, I can only feel our love growing more and more. Knowing that he is always there by my side, through thick and thin, gives me a feeling of happiness and contentment. Knowing that he is mine for keeps is the greatest gift of all.

(Credits: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD - Summer Driggs Moments papers, April Cotton Valentine polaroid frame, Mysticato datebits strip, FeiFei stuff pin, Scrapbook Factory Deluxe elements; FOREVER - Thora HOH quickpage, Digi Lover's Addiction word art)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coffee Lovers

Since my honey came back from LA, both of us have been constantly hanging around The Block. Three main reasons why he loves it there so much? -- 1) the mall is freezing cold which makes him quite comfy and helps alleviate the heat rash; 2) the "happy hour" coffee at Gloria Jean's and the free wifi that comes along with it; and 3) the pleasure of the company of our barista friends (Vangie, Fabrice, Maco, and Ian.) Edison loves coffee so much that his morning is not complete without it. He will just have it black and can gulp as much as 3 or more tall cups a day! Being a coffee lover myself, I'm not really that particular with the coffee I'm drinking. Frankly, I'm quite happy with the 3-in-1 we have at home. But to my honey, he speaks of coffee like a poet reciting his poetry with much passion and enthusiasm. He will take your mind to new heights and depths --- and he is just talking about coffee! What a cool guy! :)
Miss Vangie, the Head Barista at Gloria Jean's is one great woman! We instantly had a connection knowing we are both Paulinians. Other than that, astrologically speaking, we are both Earth signs which makes us grounded and realistic (much to the dismay of our guys!) Every time Edison and I would drop by, we would always be welcomed by our barista friends with their warm smiles and greetings. Vangie had been constantly there to see Edison and I fall more and more in love each day, and even during our "down" moments she was there to silently offer comfort and assurance that everything will be okay. On our part, we are just thrilled seeing her bloom in love as the months pass by. Who would imagine a love story can unfold in a coffee shop?! Ours did! :)

Fabrice, on the other hand, is one dynamic guy! I find his sense of humor quite loaded with caffeine hehehe! Aside from that, the multiple talents this guy possesses (singing, dancing, acting) makes me wonder why he got into this job in the first place. He will be missed though as he has moved on to greener pastures. These guys really have lots of potential!
(Credits: COFFEE BOYZ - Scrappy Cats Eggplant papers, KEKA Isabella alphas; SIS BY HEART - SIC elements, AWP Citrus Berry papers and alphas, Scrapbook Factory Deluxe elements; BLAZING BARISTAS - Little Mrs Liz Designs' Hold It Together quickpage)

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