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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet and Bittersweet

In less than 3 months' time I was back in the arms of my honey! Love as sweet as this cannot top anything else. My heart pounds and my whole being trembles just by his mere presence. His tight hugs and soft voice always reassure me that everything will be just fine despite the "bittersweet" moments. If only time would stand still so that I would be forever gazing at his calm and sweet face, forever wrapped in this magical world the two of us exist in. Indeed, even the greatest of loves are tested through life's obstacles. My only prayer is that we will be armed with patience, understanding, and perseverance to see our love through.

My love never fails to shower my loved ones with the same affection he gives to me. And though this can be received differently, he is still steadfast and sincere with his intentions. It was a happy moment for me seeing us together at a family reunion held at Dampa Macapagal - my honey along with my dad, mom, sis, friends, and the rest of the Pedrosa clan. I was so proud of him that day as he warmed his way to the other people. For sure, this is the start of good things to come, as he inches his way closer and closer to our family.

His love for me is unquestionably so true! To give up what he had going abroad just to be with me is a feat that only the brave dare tread. Indeed when love strikes us, there are no second thoughts as to the steps one would take just to be with the love of your life. Giving up his stable, sane life in LA just to be here in this jungle (in the peak of summer! lolz) is really no joke. And it's something that I dont take for granted (though I may not be too showy about it) ;) In the coming months, I feel that our love will continually be tested. But I know deep in my heart that despite the obstacles we encounter, our love will pass the test of time. I just love him so much - with all my heart!

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