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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Geez Louise!

Mhay and her precious miracle! It really is amazing how motherhood can add a special glow to one's persona, how it can inspire someone to achieve the seemingly unachievable.
(Credits: Aby Designs Flower Fantasy; Between The Days by Pride Flower's Kit)

As for Aldrin, taking care of baby while mom is at work can prove quite a workout! Louise is one lucky baby to be wrapped around everyone's love and care. Will u just gaze at that look of satisfaction! :)
(Credits: All For Love Design Jade papers; {Jen}spiration alphas by Vicki Stegall)

I totally love this pic of her dreaming of something really nice. Her aunt Jovie and young naughty uncles just couldnt resist the urge to dress her up and take pics of her wearing glasses while sleeping.
(Credits: Be Audacious Designs Round N' Round)

One Friday, Jovie, our chief med tech at Veterans Outpatient Center showed me pics of her niece -- my future inaanak, Louise. What can I say! She is just soooooooo cute like her mom, her tita, and of course her future ninang hahaha! Gabrielle Louise is said to be her name on the birth certificate, Louise to the Mendez family, and for me personally, Gabi! Jovie was quite the ever doting auntie, so proud of her niece that it seemed the memory of her celphone is near full capacity from seemingly endless pics of her pamangkin. Grabbed a few pics and made special LOs for them which i do hope they'll like.
(Credits: Shabby Princess Into The Groove QP)

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