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Monday, November 12, 2007

LPDH goes United Nations

Journal (edited): The "United Nations"-themed Christmas party at Las Pinas Doctors Hospital a few years ago proved quite a riot! Each participant really put their best foot forward. Syempre, the Paramedical group (most especially the Laboratory peeps) are on top of my list with their impressive Latin pasa-doble dance number. The belly dancers of Arabia were also pleasing (and amusing) to watch. As expected, the Nursing group representing South East Asia danced to the tune of the immortal Pinoy Big Brother jingle by Orange and Lemons. Ulk! The hosts for the evening, Dra. Domingo and Dr. Almelor, were in their flamboyant best as a Spanish pixie fairy and African tribesman in that order. As for me, I just wore a plaint elephant-printed tshirt and jeans. What am I??? Just a freaking tourist in Thailand! Hehehe!

Paulinians - Warm, Active, and Simple

In 2005, it was my first time to see my co-Paulinians after 18 years! Arriving at Somerset Hotel, I knew I wouldnt get lost cause my feet led me to the room where the noisiest femmes are. Believe me, I have never seen people talk so much at the same time and with them understanding each other despite this. I just love it! The air was heavy with excitement, joy, wonder, awe....all the positive adjectives i can think about. It was indeed a happy moment for all of us. A lot of us have changed -- grew thin, a lot were heavier (and that includes me!), some with long bleached hair, the former tbirds have become ultra feminine hehehe, and most have become doting moms to adorable kids --but still, it seemed nothing really had changed! The event also coincided with SPCP reunion in Arizona, and the webconference thingie we set up just made this event all the more exciting.

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