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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pride and Joy

My working at Caritas Malolos unfortunately did not last for a year, but having worked there even for just a short while was definitely an experience to remember. Of course, one of the most memorable persons I have met is my ever efficient medical technologist, Pia. In the short time that I have known her, I find her the epitome of an indispensable employee. Truly dedicated to her craft and someone who puts a joy in every work she does. Like me, she also has the love for crafts and is genuinely artistic. I am really trying to hook her to our scrapbooking yahoogroups! She often boasts of her daughter Julia, who means the world to her. When she talks about her kid, she seems lost and transfixed in a world of pure motherly love. I would say that Julia is indeed Pia's princess, someone whom she will give her all to provide the best for beloved daughter.

Months before Julia's birthday, Pia was really all-out in the preparations. Each time I visit the lab I marvel at the invitations and party give-aways that she has made for Julia -- all with her pesonal touch! It amazes me how she can transform something bought at Divisoria into something really dazzling. My hats off to her! As expected, the birthday party was a huge success. There were many attendees, the food was overflowing, the party giveaways were a pure delight for the children, and we still got to receive something extra special from Pia. Every one left with a huge and satisfactory smile on their faces. Way to go Pia!

One of the party features was the face painting and henna tatoo booth which caught the eye of my pride and joy, Edison. The inner child in him just couldnt resist to have a dragon tattooed on his arm. Hmmm, well nothing childlike about that really. I wanted one for myself too - if only I wasnt pregnant! ;) He chose the dragon because it represents his Chinese astrology sign. The dragon, they say, is the luckiest of all the signs. Hoping that by married to me, that wont disprove it. In our case, I feel that I am the luckier one compared to him - being love and accepted for who I am despite my shortgivings.

Yes indeed, I am so crazy in love with this guy. He always makes me happy despite every opposing thing that comes my way. I just feel so proud and secure just being right beside him. And though he drives like a Nascar driver (lolz), I know I am in good hands. He is just sooooo smooth!

(Credits: PIA'S PRINCESS - Retrodiva Bohemian Cowgirl alphas, Alicia's World of Scrap wordart, Scrapedge Swirl white overlay, Shabby Princess SS paper, An Icee Summer elements; INNER KIDS - Summer Driggs Beautimous papers, Midnight Ditz paper, AF Timeless elements, Gina Marie alphas; THE DRAGON - Sometimes alphas by Penny57, K. Lewis Flutter papers, Can Designs Rose frames, MJV photo corner, DBS Bubblegum elements, Shabby Princess Spring Breeze alphas; DRIVING ME CRAZY - Q quickpage, Frene Alexeeva Venetian Charm element, J. Desai element)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Celebrating With The Gavinos

It was just pure delight for hubby and I to be invited to celebrate Lola Miling's 93rd birthday at Modern China Restaurant in Glorietta 4. I was just so thrilled to introduce Edison to our small clan and it touched me how warm they were in welcoming my husband to the family. The apple of everyone's eye (other than the birthday celebrant, of course) was Taryn, cousin Melody's daughter and lola's first great grandchild. It has been years since I saw Melody herself, and seeing her along with the rest of my cousins made me reminisce the happy weekends we as kids would spend at Lola's place just watching movies, playing video games, or enjoying Lola's famous chicken soup.

The star of the day, our 93-year old lola is ever her jovial self to see people gathered together although she seemed not quite aware it was her birthday we were celebrating. It's quite sad to see her not remember some stuff anymore (like me and my sister's name). But other than that, I find her still sharp compared to other people her age. And despite not remembering my name, familiarity strikes when she looks at me and studies my face...and then that big smile again as if a chord struck in her memory box. We are also thankful that despite being forgetful, she is in tip-top shape, as in no asthma recurrences for almost a decade and normal blood chemstry results. Seeing her hearty appetite too ( and that's without dentures) during this occasion has left us impressed with how a super-lola she can be!

This last layout I made I entered in Timi's challenge and won a RAK in the random draw! Days have passed into weeks and into months since my hubby and I had a place of our own. Just cannot help but truly miss my sister since the two of us have been inseparable so it seemed before. Even at work, both of us were like a team during our EAMC and LPDH days. People around us would coin us as "The Dancing Pedrosa Sisters", and we would perform anywhere where there are parties - from Las Pinas to Bulacan. My only wish for her is that she follows her own road to happiness the way I followed mine. She deserves only the best in life, as someone with a caring and loving heart would truly deserve. I love you, my dear little sister!

(Credits: OUR SMALL CLAN - Fei Fei Stuff Crazy Beauty papers, N. Noriell swirl ribbons; ALIVE & KICKING - Pimp Your Scrapbook Summer Girls alphas, Lil Missie Jessica Splendor Pop quickpage, Retrodiva Tweet Tweet alphas, AWP Rustic Walk elements; MY SIS I MISS - Sun Happy Place papers, Ramik frame, I. Riordan Funky floral elements, Shabby Princess Harvest Spice journal strip, Candy Jar Chaos Longue elements, AWP Citrus Berry elements, Angela Sharrow Jurassic Art fiber, Shabby Princess Festival alphas)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Look

It has been a long time since I last sported a short hair. I remember the days when Demi Moore came up with short hair back in the "Ghost" days. I opted for a less drastic move though and made it not that short but enough to make my hubby smile at my new look. This was just done out on a whim while I was strolling at the 5th level of The Block. Someone from Mary Pauline Salon literally dragged me inside for a haircut. Just took it as a sign that it was indeed probably time for a new look since I entered this new phase of my life a.k.a. "preggy-hood". It turned out just okay, though not as comparable probably to what my favorite hairdresser Richard could whip up with his magic wand/scissors.

(Credits: Christines Designs Flutter quickpage; Sya's Blueprints Sprinkled alphas)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RAK giveaway from Sarah

Attention friends! Sarah is giving away a RAK so better head on to her blog at for the details. Bless her generous heart! Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Double Celebration

My first attempt to make a double page LO. I just cannot figure out how to align them together bummer! The pics I chose here were taken when my sis and I were godmothers to Vangie's so adorable twins. Her hubby (whose name I cant remember, may he forgive me!) is of European descent. They are just perfect together because both are professional dancers. Vangie, who has been my dad's dance instructress for years, is well-known in the ballroom competition scene. It is during one of the competitions where she met her hubby who was adjudicator. Eversince then, they were inseparable. Now they are blessed with two boys who is a joy to everyone after the ordeal they went through at the NICU for being born 2 months earlier than expected. Welcome boys to the Christian world!

(Credits: DJE Starburst papers, Jasmin Olya stitches, Elizabeth Quintana Scrapalinquent Beautiful Mess journal, Anemona Classico swirls, Shabby Princesscom Festival alphas)

Monday, November 10, 2008

One Weekend in Tagaytay

For another relaxing weekend, hubby and I decided to visit Tagaytay one rainy day just by bus and tricycle/jeep har har har! We stopped by at Taal Vista and had lunch buffet there. The food they serve there was delicious and filling, the staff were very warm and friendly (I particularly like the chef there who was an Obama deadringer I swear!), and the weekend entertainment proved quite a delight with a variety of folk dances I'm pretty sure would be a hit with the tourists and locals.

(Credits: AB Brackets bragbook, Lorie M Designs word art, ALP SCP paper, C. Schultz Cinnamon Swirl alphas, Nani Brilliants)

Since it rained a little hard, the oh-so-cool Tagaytay climate transformed us into our goofy selves, and we just started striking crazy poses for the camera. But of course the best part was the cuddling time to keep ourselves warm while viewing Taal Volcano from where we stood. It was such a romantic afternoon. I never knew love can feel this high!
(Credits: Shabby Princess Moody Blues alphas, Perscale A Ray of Hope elements, Amelie Scrap Essentials papers, CJS Fun frame, Bea Couteur de L'inde Couture stitch, EBDG PJ stitch, Jhosford All My Hearts Ample elements)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cherry's Journey

This layout has been long overdue since Cherry and Camie settled down a few months ago already. Just couldn't resist the urge to create this for Cherry as she looks so princess-like in her wedding attire. Seen along with her proud mom and dad, she projects the aura of someone totally in love and ready to embark on a lifetime journey with Camie. Wishing always the best for them both, especially to Cherry--someone who embodies beauty inside and out.
(Credits: Dragess quickpage, EM Glass Hearts elements, MZP Friendship element)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Turning Japanese

Everywhere we go, I find it amusing how a lot of people would mistake my hubby as Japanese....that is until he speaks fluent Tagalog. And they will become more impressed thinking, "whoooaah! a Tagalog-speaking Japanese...coolness!" But in reality my better half is Chinese born in Manila and migrated to America. Now, he considers himself more of American than anything else. The values he has imbibed are purely Westernized now that at times we find it hard to see eye to eye. But as much as we disagree on some things, our love and respect for each other enables us to meet halfway. After giving birth, I will be moving with him to Los Angeles, and the thought of it just makes me anxious thinking of the culture shock I will be faced with. But my love knows I will find the whole experience an eye-opening transformation. As long as he is by my side, I know I will welcome my whole new life with open arms.
(Credits: Frene Alexeva Sushi Bar elements, MMD Bamboo papers, Doucer Renivrante by Petit Moineux, Black Glitter Glue alphas, Amelie Scrap Designs Essential elements)

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