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Monday, November 10, 2008

One Weekend in Tagaytay

For another relaxing weekend, hubby and I decided to visit Tagaytay one rainy day just by bus and tricycle/jeep har har har! We stopped by at Taal Vista and had lunch buffet there. The food they serve there was delicious and filling, the staff were very warm and friendly (I particularly like the chef there who was an Obama deadringer I swear!), and the weekend entertainment proved quite a delight with a variety of folk dances I'm pretty sure would be a hit with the tourists and locals.

(Credits: AB Brackets bragbook, Lorie M Designs word art, ALP SCP paper, C. Schultz Cinnamon Swirl alphas, Nani Brilliants)

Since it rained a little hard, the oh-so-cool Tagaytay climate transformed us into our goofy selves, and we just started striking crazy poses for the camera. But of course the best part was the cuddling time to keep ourselves warm while viewing Taal Volcano from where we stood. It was such a romantic afternoon. I never knew love can feel this high!
(Credits: Shabby Princess Moody Blues alphas, Perscale A Ray of Hope elements, Amelie Scrap Essentials papers, CJS Fun frame, Bea Couteur de L'inde Couture stitch, EBDG PJ stitch, Jhosford All My Hearts Ample elements)

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