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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Benign Days at VFP-OPC Lab

Most days at VFP-OPC laboratory are said to be benign, but I guess nothing can top this! So what better way to make the most out of this than to ...... convert the facility into a beauty parlor hahaha! Most willing subject was our dear Nancy who wanted to tame her wavy hair with the "plantsa" under the expertise of our resident beauticians led by Myra and assisted by Jing Jing. So the makeover took only a few minutes which yielded good results based on the look of satisfaction by our "only" customer. Pero may pahabol pang next customer though... si Aaron, Jing's super cute son! :)

(Credits: BENIGN: lifted from Random Thoughts LO of Danielle Titus using I. Riordan Funky Floral papers, K. Lewis flutter tape, Tickled silver swirl, Aby flow stitch; GOING STRAIGHT: lifted from Self-Portrait LO of Holly McCraig using Pillowgirl My Blue Heart papers, Fraisinette Heureux elements, SPCom journal elements; NEXT CUSTOMER: Elembas Dove quickpage, Aqua Appeal elements)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Missing My Honey

In the nearly 2 months my honey has been away, the days just rolled on seemingly incomplete and mundane despite being swamped with duties at work and errands to run. Not a day, or minute (or millisecond even) passes by without me thinking of him. My thoughts would often drift back to that magical day at Coffee Bean and the sweet days that followed. Sometimes I would chide myself for being dazed, as if daydreaming and walking on air most of the time, even in the middle of a meeting. haha! Can you blame me? Im in 37! tee hee hee. Talk about late bloomers!

My honey has made himself busy as a bee though, travelling from one place to another but never ever failing to bridge the distance through whatever medium you can imagine - internet, mobile phone, landline - even the courier! Those are the moments which I always look forward to every single day - seeing his cute face with his sweet smile on the webcam, or just hearing his cheerful and reassuring voice on the phone. One moment he is in Hawaii spending precious time with his best buddies, his precious boys Graham and Jonson; another minute he is in Seattle with his sweet and charming mom and his sister; and also meeting up with friends in between stops; AND still gathering enough energy to attend to work. Wow! Where does he get his energy?! He is just like the Energizer Bunny! :)

Viewing all the pics he has sent me has filled me with an aching longing. Oh how my heart desires to be with him each and every day. All i know deep in my heart is that one day that time will come when everything will happen the way things are meant to be. Indeed, the future looks bright!

(Credits: Spring Breeze paper by Andrea Dickinson, Karen Lewis "Breathe" Collection paper, Hooked on Books paper by Mikkel Paige, Elisa's Bite "Oceanic Sentinence" paper, Bows Boucles by Redju Designs, Busy Bee MTD quickpage)

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