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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

SPCP Christmas party/reunion

i was just so thrilled to be with my kabarkadas from high school. its my first time to see them after soooo many years as they were not present in the previous SPCP gatherings. I was soooo relieved knowing that i wasnt the only one still in single status hehehe. this is just half of the group since the others are living abroad.

the whole idea was to come wearing the color of your section, so u can just imagine how colorful we all were. and winners that night with most attendance was section blue! there were loads of gimiks too like santa hats for section red, gold-glittered balloons for section gold, green teddy pins for section green. food and gifts were overflowing kaya all left with wide grins on their faces. i pity the kids and hubbies who were brought along though. i felt they were kinda shocked seeing their wives/moms in their worst behaviour that night. LOLZ

our sisters abroad never fail to keep us posted with their holiday celebrations. a few days after our reunion, they also held their night of partying! im pretty sure they turned heads that day. good thing hubbies weren't around. tee hee!

as for section Red, all i can say is that we are sooooo cool! and the main mover and shaker here was Chen of course. without her, we might have won Least in Attendance. by the end of the day, despite being drained from endless nights of recruiting members and party preparations, Chen still managed to be in her jolly self, endlessly taking pics and entertaining all of us. this group rocks!

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