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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sweetest Escape

Finally, the moment both of us have been waiting for - a chance to get away from it all and reward ourselves with a much-deserved R&R. Our Baguio adventure turned out into a little "mis"adventure of sorts - boarding the wrong bus and booking a semi-rundown hotel. But these didn't seem to matter much at all. All I know was I was with my Edison, my knight in shining armor. I knew fully well everything will turn out just fine. It has been years for both of us since we last visited the summer capital and were quite surprised to see lots of changes. Mines View Park still holds a breathtaking view of the neighboring valleys and mountains. An additional delight to the shoppers are the numerous "tiangges". The imposing Mansion is still a favorite picture-taking spot. Other places we went to were Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, Bell Temple, and lots more. Though the sights were already familiar, everything seemed new and different seeing them once more with my honey. Walking with him side by side, hand in hand, I just cant help but feel such immeasurable joy. With him, my eyes open up to all the beauty surrounding us. Indeed, at this point in time, I felt we had our little piece of heaven.

(Credits: NBK Froggy papers, Jeanette Bollinger Papillon stitches, Wimpy Chompers She's Beautiful Girly accents, Rlynn Falidays journaling, Shabby Princess SM Word element, Val B Old alphas)

My honey just manages to surprise and amaze me always with his infectatious glee. So many people just warm up to him in an instant - people of all ages and at any given time and situation. What kind of magic could my dashing debonair hold up in his sleeve that makes him so endearing to everyone! Truly, at the sight of his ever-smiling face and joyous demeanor, the people around can sense goodness and sincerity of heart -- and I tell you, they become hooked! I am always just so proud of him. He constantly teaches and encourages me to be the best I can be - to grab the reigns, to overcome my fears, to throw away my anxeities. Beside him, I feel brave and strong, and that the world is full of infinite possibilities that are up for grabs. Thank you, my love, for always inspiring me!

(Credits: Pirocha Amazing Dream papers, KSKD Rebecca Start elements, AWP Springtime photo corners, Miss Aunt Painted Season elements, RMG Grungetta Revisited elements, RPENN Express Yourself alphas, Mandarin AAC wordart)

Of course, our vacation comes with meeting new acquaintances. We met up with Elizabeth, my honey's best friend sa internet chat scene. We "eyeballed" at Don Henrico's over scrumptious buffalo wings, pizza, and pasta and instantly had a connection. Zabeth is prim and proper, very petite, and utterly pleasant and charming. She glows and beams with pride upon talking about her children and the man she loves. In a way, she reminds me of my mom at how she cares for and looks over her kids. She is one cool woman! Though our encounter was only brief, I am looking forward to the next opportunity of meeting up with her again.

(Credits: Unique Spring Out Loud quickpage, Pixie Queen Pure Love & Happiness elements)

Can someone please tell me if really being with your sweetheart all day gives you gas? LOLZ. I swear each and every time, he manages to come up with something fresh and original to make me smile or belt up with uncontrollable laughter! His sense of humor is just so captivating. There are times I would feel guilty for making him sad during my grumpy moments, because I know he doesn't deserve that at all. Here is a list of some of the things he does that make me flash my smile:

1. when he imitates my grumpy face by askewing his pointy lips on one side

2. when he eats voraciously his favorite dishes at Gerry's Grille, Mann Hann, Yoshinoya, Kamay Kainan, Congo Grille, Aristocrat, Dencio's (we just love to eat!)

3. when he encourages me to rub rub rub his tummy

4. when he acts and dances crazy in public

5. when he exagerrates his Californian twang

6. when he falls asleep on my shoulder while watching a movie and snores (i love this!)

7. when he hugs me tight and whispers "I love you"

8. when our gazes lock and he smiles reassuringly at me.

There are lots more but then the list would go on and on. He says he will never get tired of making me smile, and that all of his sweet and funny ways will never cease until we grow old. I believe him. He says that my eyes and my smile are beautiful. As the song goes, "If you say my eyes are beautiful, it's because they're looking at you."

(Credits: MCO Hullaballoo papers, DMK Scrapkit HD elements, AWP Citrus Berry buttons, Pretty in Pink kit, AWP Chloe elements, WG Into The Mystic element)

Receiving flowers from my honey is such a delightful surprise! Holding it and just looking at how tender and sweet the red rose buds look symbolizes our deep love and respect for each other. Like these flowers, our love needs to be constantly tended for it to weather the storms and make it blossom to its full beauty. In the two months since he came back from the States, both of us felt sure that everything will soon be in its proper place. Yet, the trials keep on knocking on our door only to challenge us once more. And though the ultimate moment we have been waiting for isn't yet to come, we hold onto one another and pray that very soon, everything that we long and desire for will eventually happen.

(Credits: Three quickpage, MS Felt alphas, Titch Taba alpha)

For now, we just settle for the contentment of how truly happy we are being together wherever we are - be it in Baguio or Tagaytay, in the malls, inside the movie theatre, or in just one private corner at Gloria Jean's at The Block sipping our brewed coffee and planning for our future. Back then, I thought I was happy just being alone and going about my daily work grind. I know now that my true happiness is in being with my soulmate Edison, the one who completes and complements my entirety. The feeling is inexplicable - an admixture of exhilirating emotions that cannot be measured but can only be shared to the people around us. We are like a walking billboard for true happiness! Spread the love - that is what living and loving is all about.

(Credits: Ateets Sun Porch papers, Val Js Chipboard elements, Edeline word stripes)

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