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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Celebrating With The Gavinos

It was just pure delight for hubby and I to be invited to celebrate Lola Miling's 93rd birthday at Modern China Restaurant in Glorietta 4. I was just so thrilled to introduce Edison to our small clan and it touched me how warm they were in welcoming my husband to the family. The apple of everyone's eye (other than the birthday celebrant, of course) was Taryn, cousin Melody's daughter and lola's first great grandchild. It has been years since I saw Melody herself, and seeing her along with the rest of my cousins made me reminisce the happy weekends we as kids would spend at Lola's place just watching movies, playing video games, or enjoying Lola's famous chicken soup.

The star of the day, our 93-year old lola is ever her jovial self to see people gathered together although she seemed not quite aware it was her birthday we were celebrating. It's quite sad to see her not remember some stuff anymore (like me and my sister's name). But other than that, I find her still sharp compared to other people her age. And despite not remembering my name, familiarity strikes when she looks at me and studies my face...and then that big smile again as if a chord struck in her memory box. We are also thankful that despite being forgetful, she is in tip-top shape, as in no asthma recurrences for almost a decade and normal blood chemstry results. Seeing her hearty appetite too ( and that's without dentures) during this occasion has left us impressed with how a super-lola she can be!

This last layout I made I entered in Timi's challenge and won a RAK in the random draw! Days have passed into weeks and into months since my hubby and I had a place of our own. Just cannot help but truly miss my sister since the two of us have been inseparable so it seemed before. Even at work, both of us were like a team during our EAMC and LPDH days. People around us would coin us as "The Dancing Pedrosa Sisters", and we would perform anywhere where there are parties - from Las Pinas to Bulacan. My only wish for her is that she follows her own road to happiness the way I followed mine. She deserves only the best in life, as someone with a caring and loving heart would truly deserve. I love you, my dear little sister!

(Credits: OUR SMALL CLAN - Fei Fei Stuff Crazy Beauty papers, N. Noriell swirl ribbons; ALIVE & KICKING - Pimp Your Scrapbook Summer Girls alphas, Lil Missie Jessica Splendor Pop quickpage, Retrodiva Tweet Tweet alphas, AWP Rustic Walk elements; MY SIS I MISS - Sun Happy Place papers, Ramik frame, I. Riordan Funky floral elements, Shabby Princess Harvest Spice journal strip, Candy Jar Chaos Longue elements, AWP Citrus Berry elements, Angela Sharrow Jurassic Art fiber, Shabby Princess Festival alphas)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Look

It has been a long time since I last sported a short hair. I remember the days when Demi Moore came up with short hair back in the "Ghost" days. I opted for a less drastic move though and made it not that short but enough to make my hubby smile at my new look. This was just done out on a whim while I was strolling at the 5th level of The Block. Someone from Mary Pauline Salon literally dragged me inside for a haircut. Just took it as a sign that it was indeed probably time for a new look since I entered this new phase of my life a.k.a. "preggy-hood". It turned out just okay, though not as comparable probably to what my favorite hairdresser Richard could whip up with his magic wand/scissors.

(Credits: Christines Designs Flutter quickpage; Sya's Blueprints Sprinkled alphas)

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