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Monday, January 21, 2008

Reminiscing Christmas with Lola

My fondest memories as a kid were the weekends we spent at Lola's which is a few houses away from ours in Las Pinas City. Sundays, my sis and i would look forward to taste lola's home-cooked meals and super delicious chicken soup! But as the years rolled on, our family relocated to Quezon City near the place where my sis and i trained for our future work. and Sundays were replaced with trips to the crowded malls where we gobbled processed food and replaced meaningful conversations with trips to the movie theater to find temporary solace with fictional characters. Oh how we missed lola so much! She turned 92 last September 6, and though Lolo beat her to the Better Place earlier, she is still happy to be with her 3 children - my kikay mom (71), my prim and proper Tita Ellie (61), and my goofy-techie Tito Ed (51).

*For this LO i used Jessica D's Shiver papers and elements.

It has always been girl power in our small family! The only guys are my dad and my 2 uncles. I have 3 other cousins from my mother's side who are likewise femmes! sa father's side -- guess what? he is an only child! hehehe. i guess for all of us gals, the ultimate role model is our Lola, who despite being weak at her age, still possesses that back made of steel - ever persevering despite life's challenges and can always manage to smile radiantly even though the world seems cruel and tough.
* For this LO i used NBK christmas papers and April Cotton's My Xmas Glass Brads.

Another addition to the girl power in the family is Lola's ever patient and dedicated caregiver, Prima. I would say that Prima is heaven-sent! Quite a lot had given up taking care of my Lola, but this petite young woman managed to warm her way into Lola's cold exterior. Our family is just so lucky to have her.
*This LO is a quick page from Flerg's Deacon's Closet Kit.

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