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Monday, November 3, 2008

Turning Japanese

Everywhere we go, I find it amusing how a lot of people would mistake my hubby as Japanese....that is until he speaks fluent Tagalog. And they will become more impressed thinking, "whoooaah! a Tagalog-speaking Japanese...coolness!" But in reality my better half is Chinese born in Manila and migrated to America. Now, he considers himself more of American than anything else. The values he has imbibed are purely Westernized now that at times we find it hard to see eye to eye. But as much as we disagree on some things, our love and respect for each other enables us to meet halfway. After giving birth, I will be moving with him to Los Angeles, and the thought of it just makes me anxious thinking of the culture shock I will be faced with. But my love knows I will find the whole experience an eye-opening transformation. As long as he is by my side, I know I will welcome my whole new life with open arms.
(Credits: Frene Alexeva Sushi Bar elements, MMD Bamboo papers, Doucer Renivrante by Petit Moineux, Black Glitter Glue alphas, Amelie Scrap Designs Essential elements)

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